Corporate Parts, Inventory Assistant

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Job Type: Full Time

Location: Piscataway, NJ

Salary: Health Benefits, $43-45K


Work with reports as well as management to maintain optimum inventory levels.
• Process and monitor backorders for all Divisions daily.
• Assist in gathering monthly information with Parts Customer Care Manager.
• Maintain good service fill percentages at all locations.
• Communicate with distribution center to improve or expedite shipment of backordered parts from various facilities relaying that information to appropriate parties.
• Answer customer order inquiries as part of the Call center inquiry queue.
• Maintain Parts Availability/Shipping Discrepancy spreadsheets for monthly distribution.
• Assist customers at the Parts Office window.
• Review reports to add new parts ahead of demand.
• Process Stock orders.
• Assist with Semi-Annual parts surplus return.
• Customer support for registration and troubleshooting.
• Administrative responsibilities


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