For Employers on the Hunt For Top Talent

We see ourselves as an extension of your HR department as you take on the search for your next big hire. That means, your success is our success.

Step 1: Ice Breaking

Statewide Staffing is no stranger to hard work and perfect placements. We are dogged in our approach to finding you the best candidates possible for your post and will move mountains in order to do so.

We love to work with our clients exclusively, and can say with confidence, you will never be disappointed in our results.

Step 2: Discovery

Once we decide to team up, our next step is the discovery phase, where we find out your timeline to best strategize a recruitment game plan. And while it’s not required, we are also happy to spend as much time at your facility as you’d like so we can immerse ourselves in your company culture and learn more about the team. This helps  ensure we find you the right person.

Step 3: Scanning Job Boards

Once you share what position you are looking to fill, the job responsibilities, and the requirements, we get right to work. We begin scrubbing job boards, implementing our traditional—and unconventional—recruitment methods, and opening up a dialogue with potential candidates. We use behavior-based interviewing techniques along with our our proven selectivity tools to vet top-quality candidates.

Step 4: Vetting Candidates

Once we have a pool of qualified prospects, we conduct the prescreening for you. First, we interview them by phone, then in person. If they make the cut, we follow up with the most qualified candidates’ references and contact former employers for recommendations and verification purposes.

Once complete, we yield the top two to three finalists for your company’s interview process.

Step 5: Congratulations!

We congratulate you on the expansion of your team and celebrate your successful hire!

How We Work

We work with our clients three different ways.

  1. On a traditional contingency basis, where we would agree upon a fee based on a percentage of the compensation of the candidate being hired.

  2. On a retainer basis, where half of the agreed upon fee (typically based on a percentage of the candidate's annual income) is paid up front due to working on multiple openings for one client.

  3. On an hourly or project basis, where you can hire us as your contract recruiting team.